2018-2019 Officers
2018-2019 Officers
President - Jim Stout 
Vice President - Robert A. Bull (Email)
Secretary - Joseph Cappelloni (Email)
Treasurer - Joseph Cappelloni
Jackson Mansion Curator - Jim Stout (Email)
Society Coordinator - 
Library & Museum Curator - Linda Sult (Email)

Director Emeritus - Kathryn Sitler, Robert Lindquist
Chaplain - Rev. Bernard Engelhardt

Board of Directors

Class of 2017 - Term Expires 2020

Joseph Cappelloni (Email)
Linda Sult (Email)
Delores Wright (Email)

Class of 2018 - Term Expires 2021

Robert A. Bull (Email)
David Labour (Email)
Julie Crispin (Email)

Class of 2019 - Term Expires 2022

Betty Neely
Catherine Mentrikoski (Email)
Jim Stout (Email)