Sara E. Bull Memorial Tea 2019

The Sara E. Bull Memorial Tea May 12th 2018




The Berwick Historical Society celebrated Colonel Jackson's 175th Birthday at the Jackson Mansion on Saturday, March 25, 2017.  Invited guests were treated to a tour of the Jackson Mansion along with various types of food and punch being served in the Formal Dining Room.  In addition to the food there was a huge birthday cake.

The event was organized by Sheri Geines, Jackson Mansion Cordinator and supported by many of our volunteers all dressed in costume.  Members of the Board of Directors were on hand to greet the guests as they arrived.

Our lady volunteers dressed in costume were  







Pictured are our lady volunteers dressed    in costume. The volunteers are: Romona Ritter, Susan Scholl, Linda Sult,  Nikki  Shiner, Marilyn  Gibbons, Karen  Brown, Janice  Moskaluk, Brenda  Gensemer,Sheri Geines, Diane Labour,  Sue Reagan and Donna Berlin.



Pictured on the right are the volunteers who served as Jackson Maids were Diane Labour, Donna Berlin, Sue Reagan and Sheri Geines.  



Volunteer Kitchen Staff making sure all the food was ready.  Kitchen Staff Volunteers were Karen Migliosi, Carla Scala, Lydee Garrison, Mary Dalberto

The Berwick Historical Society President Gordon Neely welcomes room sponsor Joan Gearhart.






Diane Labour portrayed Jane Jackson

Jane Bowman Jackson was the daughter of Colonel Gearhart Jackson and Elisabeth Seybert Jackson.  Jane was born March 25, 1869 and died June 23, 1919.  Jane was married in the Jackson Mansion to Samuel Hughes Watts on November 11, 1890.  They had one son dickson Given Watts born 1893 and is buried behind his mother's grave. 







Jim Ross portrayed Isadore Chamberlain

Isadore Chamberlain born in 1837 and was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Chamberlain. Isadore and his brother Samuel joined lthe 16th PA Volluntary Calvary in the Civil War.  They were both onne of the earliest volunteers from Berwick to answer the call.  Isadore like his father Joseph ws a stone cutter.  After the war Isadore went into the grocery business.       Isadore had a son Isadore, Jr..  Bopth father and son along with their wives are buried here in the Pine Grove Cemetery. 

Donated refreshments were served by Linda Sult and Jeffrey Johnson.

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