With support from caring individuals like you The Berwick Historical Society was incorporated in 1940 for the purpose of identifying and to encourage the preservation of historical sites and buildings, to collect records, documents and artifacts that pertain to the history of the Berwick area, to collect and preserve documents and records significant to research in genealogy, to encourage research in the history of the area and the writing and publication of the results of such research, to maintain a center containing a library/museum; to promote a sense of community pride and interest in the Berwick area and its history.
The Berwick Historical Society in 2010 was given the opportunity to restore the Jackson Mansion.  When you walk inside the doors of the Jackson Mansion, it is like stepping back in time as if the Jackson family had just left for the day.  The Jackson Mansion contains some original items and many items from the Victorian period.  Many have told us the woodwork, the magnificent staircase, the beautiful stained glass windows and the restored rooms makes it one of the most treasured house museums in the country.  
There is still more work to be done by the Berwick Historical Society and in the Jackson Mansion.  Your gift will support and allow us to continue providing dynamic and meaningful experiences today and for generations to come.

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