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Antique Sponsorship Program

The Berwick Historical Society would like to introduce you to our Antiques Sponsorship Program at the Jackson Mansion. This is an excellent way for you to memorialize your loved ones or to sponsor something in the Mansion without having to spend several thousands of dollars. Here’s how it works: We have selected items, including some furniture, in the Mansion that people can sponsor in memory, or in honor, of someone. A photo album is available at the Carriage House to peruse and select from. Besides the picture of the item, the album includes a brief description and the amount of the original purchase price. You pay the original cost and after the paperwork is done, an entry is made in our “Donor List” brochure listing the item, who donated it, and in memory of, or honor of, that special person. This booklet is given out to everyone who tours the house museum. Your loved one, therefore, is remembered to all who visit the Jackson Mansion. This continual memorial is a wonderful and unique method for making a donation in lieu of flowers. It will endure for all time. Prices of items range from twenty dollars up to several thousands.

If you are interested in or have any questions about the sponsorship program, please contact the Jackson Mansion Curator, Jim Stout, at 570-520-4110 (carriage house gift shoppe), or Email Us.

Jim Stout
Jackson Mansion Curator

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